The Last Days nightly patches!

The Last Days of the Third Age is a long-standing, community-developed Tolkien-based mod for Mount&Blade and Mount&Blade Warband.

Nightly patches are automatically generated development builds baked by a helpful bot, which you can use to stay on the bleeding edge.

They come with the latest changes, enhancements and bug fixes, we are using a rolling release model so that you can stay on the loop.

Included languages:


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(Remember to wait until the big download has completed before playing the mod!)

Or just download it manually...

  1. Latest standalone version of the mod for WarbandM&B 1.011TLD_3.6_wb.7z Download from Bitbucket, ModDB or GitHub. Bitbucket, ModDB or GitHub.
  2. Latest nightly patch for WarbandM&B 1.011 (from 2020/07/24 *checking*2020/07/24 *checking*) Download from Bitbucket or GitHub Bitbucket or GitHub (see more).

To install: Extract them sequentially, dragging and dropping a TLD directory inside of the Modules folder of the game Modules folder of the game, overwriting time after time. Once you are done, navigate into the TLD folder, copy a file called dinput8.dll, go up a few times and paste it next to Mount&Blade.exe, into the game's root. Then just select the mod from the launcher's drop-down list and play. Mac OS X users have the buggiest version of the game, a few workarounds are needed to play our mod, follow our Mac installation guide.

Note: Because of the stringent memory requirements, the only supported variant of the original game is the latest, DRM-free «enhanced version», with Mount&Blade.exe patched as large-address aware.

The Steam version will not work out of the box. Alternatively, you can download a pre-patched executable from here and replace the one in the Steam folder. It is the same shareware version, with one (LAA) bit toggled. No other changes.

Without doing this the game will either crash at startup complaining about texture files or it will crash after surpassing ~1460 MB of RAM.